Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Paragraphs I Did For School

What the Presidential Candidates say on Immigration

I was wondering what the presidential candidates think about immigration, because they were too busy shooting each other for me to cech what they said. Hillary wants to fix the broken immigration system that most americans can’t even pass. She wants to make it easier for parents who are illegal immigrants stay with there kids that are citizens. Trump says he will build a wall to keep out illegal mexicans who cross the border and that Muslims should be temporarily barred from entering the country, but he never said how he’s going to make mexico pay for that border, or what he’s going to do about Muslims that are in the country already. That’s what I found out about what the presidential candidates say on immigration.

What the Presidential Candidates say on Health Care

I wanted to know what the candidates thought about health care and what they plan on doing about it. Trump wants to repeal and replace it with something better, something that is more affordable for poor families and says that private plans are the way to go. Hillary, On the other hand, says she wants to keep the Affordable Care Act and expanded on it to make it more affordable for the out-of-pocket payer. So that's what I found out about the Presidential candidates health care plans.

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Just Some News...

       It's been awhile since I posted. Almost a year now. I'm posting because some interesting news has come up. On the 18th of november I and a few friends will be filming a video I'll be posting on youtube. It's a "show" that I wrote the script for and did the storyboard for and I'm going to endet the video once we're done with the filming and I'm hoping for it to be out December 3 and on  November 26 I'm hoping to have the purview of it out on my youtube channel.  Anyways that's it for now see you soon.
Rosie Jane Star      

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Just Some News #5

       So there's some things i need to talk about. Frist I just started school Tuesday so chapters my be late some times. Either because I haven't got to finishing it or because I'm working on homework and just don't have the time. Second I'll probably do more Just Some News and Random post's than anything else. Lastly there will be some changes to the site like I'll look into getting folders for the diffrent segments(ACA things like Just Some News and Random Post ECD.) That's all for now so this is Rosie Jane Star Signing out, Bye Guys. 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Chapter Five

                           Chapter Five
                           A Long Rode 

We got as far as White Wolf tribe’s city till it turned to night. We found a nice place to lay down and went to bed. 
“ Come on everyone get up. We got to keep moving!” Niko said.
“ Just a little longer. I mean the suns not up why do we have to?” Channah complained.
“ I hate to say it but I think I agree with Niko. We got to keep moving. The longer we wait the closer she is of being queen and a lesser chance of her changing the law,” I had to agree. “ Just don’t wake up Siseal, I can carry him.” I said picking him up.
“ He has lags too, Kiki.” Sekai remarked.
“ He needs his sleep. His is only two and lets not forget he’s blind, he’d need help walking the right way anyway.” I argued. 
“ Fine. Let’s just go!” Channah demanded.
Who does she think she is. I’m still the one in charge. It’s not like she’s the oldest, I am, by like three days, but number’s are number. She also doesn’t know what danger is out there. Siseal, Being blind and all, could walk right into some danger and not know whats happening. I guess I was in a daze cause the next thing I herd was…
“ Ok somethings wrong with Kiki!” Sekai said concerned.
“ Yeah, I think Hannah broke her.” Niko remarked.
“ IT WASN’T ME, IT WAS YOU NIKO. How dare you blame me!” Channah Yelled waking up Siseal.
“ Oh great you woke him.” I’m so disappointed at Niko. How dare he point blame like that. I mean it was her, but he didn’t need to say so.
“ Whats going on?” asked Siseal.
“ Well you were asleep when we started. So I cared you this far and just now these to Dumb butts woke you.” I told him.
“ I’m sorry Siseal. I didn’t mean to.” Channah try to caver up.
“ You yelled when you knew he was asleep.” Nestori said as if it was a question.
“ I said I was sorry.” Channah mumbled.
“ Anyway We’re out off White Wolf Tribe’s City were is our next stop?” Niko wanted to know.

“ Um… I believe we were to end up in the Black Bunny Tribe… But were is it?” I asked.  

Friday, July 24, 2015

You'll still be my baby by Christina Figueroa

       Plz check out this song my cousin Christina made hope you like it. This is Rosie Jane Star signing out.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Just Some News #4

         Just got a new tablet, only have three more test's, and only two days left of school. The tablet I got from my mom and honestly didn't want it. But now I'm using it and it's not that bad to be honestly it's not that bad. So finlals are done tomorrow. Lastly wensday is the last day of school. That's all I have for today so, this is Rosie Jane Star signing off. Bye guys.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Random Post #2

             If you go to scottgames you will see that he posted Nightmare Foxy. He's not as nightmare inducing as I thought it would be. Chica looks more frighting than Foxy and Chica is a DUCK.